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Please review this page to understand our terms and conditions of each product or service. These terms are subject to change without notice.

Domain Name: If you provide us with your existing domain name logins and passwords we will not transfer without your written consent. If we register your domain it will stay active until the 5th day of the month of the agreement for which you will be required to renew at that point. Failure to renew with Metrix In Motion® A Limited Liability Company will require you to retain your domain name on your own after paying a $199 transfer fee. Metrix In Motion® A Limited Liability Company is not a provider of domain names and registers your information with a 3rd party through which service is rendered.

Hosting: Hosting is provided by a third party and paid on an annual basis. Hosting will cease on the 5th day of the month unless renewed with Metrix In Motion® A Limited Liability Company. If the option is to not renew; hosting will have to be renewed with a third party after transfer fee of $900 is paid; failure to renew will result in loss of files and loss of website. Any third party logins to your website will void your agreement and services immediately. A restore fee to be performed by Metrix in Motion is $500.

Google Placement / SEO: Search engine optimization is the process of attempting to move up the ranks of Google search results pages. Due to the fact that Metrix In Motion® A Limited Liability Company does not own or operate Google or it’s search engine we cannot guarantee preferred placement. The services we offer in relation to SEO is a strategy that has experienced success in preferred placement on Google. Each industry and keywords have variations in difficulty, competition, and duration required to receive optimal results.

Leads: By contracting for lead generation you authorize email and or text SMS communications from Metrix In Motion and your website. You understand that fees may be incurred through your provider for data and or messaging fees.

Metrix Video+: Metrix In Motion® will shoot your video with equipment we deem sufficient or adequate to achieve the desired result. In order to fulfill the marketing aspect of this product. We will need to be given admin rights to facebook and youtube in order to fulfill our agreement. Metrix In Motion® will perform the agreed upon updates to your business profile for the duration specified in your agreement. When the term ends Metrix In Motion® will remove the company admin privileges and it will be the business owners responsibility to take possession. Social Media Services (facebook & youtube) are products provided by a 3rd party from which Metrix In Motion® has no rights to; all outages, failures or bugs associated with these systems should be directed to the appropriate service directly.

Pricing & Payments (Annual Service Renewals): Renewals are billed the month prior to expiration and are due by the 5th of your renewal month. Accounts not renewed by the 5th of the month will be suspended and no longer function properly. If the account has not been renewed the domains and website files will be deleted on the final day of the month and can or will be available for resale.

Pricing & Payments (Ad, SEO Management): These service contain vairable budgets based on customer/client’s budgets and goals. Google Ads are managed within client’s dashboard and agreed upon budgets are billed through Google/ Other ad platforms. The managemnt fee billed by Metrix In Motion is for the service of managing these campaigns and is due at signing with autobill every 15th of the month.

Google Example: Metrix In Motion Management fee of $750 + Ad Budget of $1,500=$2,250 total Ad Budget

Metrix in Motion receives $750 Fee

Google Ad is billed to your account with Google Ads.

Pricing & Payments (Metrix Video+):  Pricing is based on a three video minimum which is paid upfront due to the scheduling required to service all of our clients. Client must make all attempts to provide access to the business to ensure optimal results. Scheduling is important and any rescheduled shoots without 48hr notice will result in a $75 non-refundable fee. Clients that have payment plans associated with website services will not be scheduled until the completion of payments has been achieved.

Pricing & Payments (Website Services): Pricing is determined during a consultation with an independent consultant representing Metrix In Motion® A Limited Liability Company and an authorized agent of our client. The annual payment is due at agreement unless otherwise specified in writing on the initial agreement. Deposits are non-refundable after a period of 48hrs. The balance of agreement is due within 30 days of agreement date unless specified in writing on the original agreement. Final payments constitute an acceptance of the website and permission to launch.

Refunds: Deposits are refundable within  48hrs of contracting. We do not offer refunds for work performed. We do, however, offer unlimited changes to the initial design ( Example-1st design does not represent your company=We will create a new site for you until we get it right!)

Support: Metrix In Motion® A Limited Liability Company provides support for the design, website, updates to content, plugins, search indexes and lead management**(**unless client chooses to not use our lead management). All support related concerns or issues must be submitted online at: Domain name and hosting emails are provided by a third party and all concerns with these products should be directed to the third party.